Mar. 4 Mar. 5 Mar. 6
9:00- Registration Registration Registration
9:50-10:00 Opening
10:00-11:00 Baingio Pinna Makoto Ichikawa Kokichi Sugihara
11:10-12:10 Sergio Roncato Simone Gori Brian Rogers
14:00-15:00 Hiroyuki Ito Masanori Idesawa Kohske Takahashi
15:10-16:10 Rob van Lier Akiyoshi Kitaoka Arthur Shapiro
16:20-17:20 Demo Presentations
Stuart Anstis Dejan Todorović
18:00-20:00 Demo Night Banquet

# Satellite event (Mar. 10): "Joint Seminar on Optical Illusion" (pdf)

March 4

9:00--   (Registration) 
10:00--11:00Baingio Pinna What is shape? New phenomena in the light of a new approach
11:10--12:10Sergio Roncato The dual role of perceptual boundaries as unifiers and dividers
14:00--15:00Hiroyuki Ito Illusions appearing in aftereffects
15:10--16:10Rob van Lier Filling in illusory appearances
16:30--18:00(Demo Presentations) 
Norman D. Cook
(Kansai University)
 The interplay of motion parallax and pictorial depth cues in a depth-inverted bas-relief artwork
Haruki Takahashi
(Meiji University)
 Animation Affecting the Operation Feeling on GUI Environment
Masanori Idesawa
(The University of Electro-Communications)
 Optical Illusions from the UEC Museum of Communications
Shuichiro Taya
(Taisho Universtiy)
 "instant fadig" and "frog-hand illusion"
Yasushi Yamaguchi
(The University of Tokyo)
 Visual Cryptography for Continuous-Tone Images
Simone Gori
(University of Padua, Italy)
 When Integration of Motion Signals Fails in Recreating Reality
Dejan Todorović
(University of Belgrade, Serbia)
 The Mona Lisa Effect in Mirror Images
18:00--20:00(Demo Night) 

March 5

9:00--   (Registration) 
10:00--11:00Makoto Ichikawa Motion capture in terms of illusory motion signal obtained from oblique lines
11:10--12:10Simone Gori Motion illusions as a tool to understand brain mechanisms in typical developing individuals and in clinical populations
14:00--15:00Masanori Idesawa A model for explaining the anomalous motion illusion
15:10--16:10Akiyoshi Kitaoka Color-dependent motion illusions in stationary images: What causes illusory motion?
16:20--17:20Stuart Anstis Illusions of motion perception

March 6

9:00--   (Registration) 
10:00--11:00Kokichi Sugihara Depth illusion due to rectangularity preference
11:10--12:10Brian Rogers The concept of illusion and a new classification
14:00--15:00Kohske Takahashi Being a (visual) illusionist: works and a future
15:10--16:10Arthur Shapiro Illusions generated by conflicts between color, color contrast, spatial scale and position.
16:20--17:20Dejan Todorović A computational model of luminance contrast orientation illusions


The banquet will take place in the following way.

Time: 18:00-20:00, March 5 (Thursday), 2015
Place: Exhibision Space on the 6th floor of Nakano Campus, Meiji University
Admission fee: 4,000 Japanese Yen
If you plan to participate in the banquet, please register by February 27 (Fraiday).

Please click the "Banquet Registration" button to open the registration form.